Deboriah's Eclectic Emporium

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On this page I will be placing pictures of things my husband Bobby and I make.
Most of the items are created or embellished by me, "Deboriah". My husband, "Bobby", does make
crosses, picture frames and other wood items such as shelves from time to time and I embellish some of them.
This is only a few of our hand crafted items.  I will be adding more images to this page from time to time.

To see a larger picture of any of the items below either click on the picture and the larger image will appear in
the same window. If you would like to open it in another tab just right click and select open in new tab.

This bottle has a picture of my mother on it and on the back is F for Frances.

This is a beautiful vintage bottle that I embellished.

This old bottle was made for my Mother-In-Law for her 80th birthday. Thankfully it was a hit and she loved it. :)

I was just in the mood to play a little the day I embellished this soap bottle.  lol

This was my very first altered bottle.  It has been sold! 

Denim and Lace Cuff Bracelet. Fits Average Size woman.
For sale on our Spreesy store. Click on picture for larger view. Buy here:

Soldered broken china. Just learning how to do this.

Soldered flo blue china

A special order necklace I made.

Another special order necklace

A wedding set, sterling, crystal and real pearls.

Bride of Christ domino pendant on macramed necklace.
"Spring Fling" Mixed Media on Canvas board
by: Deboriah
For sale on our Spreesy store.

Cosages made for mothers day at my church.

We found this mirror at an auction and it was in perfect condition, until we got home. I decorated the edges with flowers to cover up the broken spots. These mirrors break too easily! Oh and I blurred the image in the mirror because you could see me taking the picture.  lol

A little flower arrangement
I made for a sweet friend.

This is a cross my husband made and I embellished.

A layered cross my husband made.

Another one of Bobby's crosses.

A small "Spirit Inspired" cross that I made 
for a sweet sister in Christ.  11/23/14

A picture I created with old greeting cards and some other items.  Mothers day 2014

This was my first attempt at making a picture with things I had on hand such as old broken jewelry and bits of lace trim. 

This is the second wall hanging I made.  I gave this one to a friend and she hung it in a place where she could look at it all the time. I am glad she likes it.

This is a plate that I embellished and gave to a girl friend of mines daughter for her birthday. 

Decopauged Clip Board

This is one of the barretts that I have started making.

Here are some more of my barretts.

A wall hanging I made with an old cutting board.

This was my first mosaic job.  Fun to do.

Some of my ATC Cards